Code Division, as a social enterprise, are committed to delivering courses which will empower communities to drive change from the ground up. Code Division strives to help inspire and innovate learners to reach their potential by bringing digital opportunities to all communities.

An innovative on-line course to prepare learners for work in the digital sector.  The course combines practical professional experience with creative approaches to enterprise and innovation to develop entrepreneurial spirit.  The course is learner driven, empowering students, and is both flexible and self-paced.  Designed to maximise learner interaction through Zoom classes, gamification learning tools, interactive quizzes, pair programming, bite sized videos and group projects.  Learners will be supported by qualified tutors, work based assessors and industry experts. Allowing them to develop the skills and competencies required for a variety of roles within the tech industry.  They will build up an e-portfolio which will be assessed by work based assessors against an industry competency framework (SFIA Level 2).  There will be input from industry with webinars, workshops and mentoring.  Learners will also gain accreditation in a SQA PDA Level 7/8 in one of the following areas;

  • Data Science
  • Business Technology
  • Software Development
  • Cyber Security

Learners are also encouraged to utilise all development opportunities available; develop their own additional knowledge, technical skills and gain additional SQA /vendor qualifications.  

Along with gaining the necessary technical skills and competencies the course aims to encourage the innovation and creativity needed for the learners to contribute to the tech eco-system.  Creating an online community where learners can meet, exchange ideas and work together to build innovate solutions.  Learners form project teams and agree amongst themselves a product they want to create.  Alternatively learners will work with third sector clients to create innovative solutions to real world issues.  Using agile methodology and guided by mentors, these teams organise their own stand-ups, sprints and set their own milestones, deadlines and deliverables.  They will also receive mentoring from entrepreneurs to get real world experience in creating start-ups.  There will also be opportunities to present their products and ideas to the wider tech community.

This course is created utilising the Higher National (HN) Framework, using both core and optional HN units and is delivered fully online combined with a competency framework (SFIA).  The units that make up the award are made in collaboration with the needs of employers and all are designed to provide both the underlying and practical skills needed in the current in the workplace.  The course will also offer additional industry qualifications to create a unique bespoke course which meets both the business needs of the employer and provides clear progression pathways for each learner.

Topics covered include; Java and Python Programming, Object Oriented Design, Object Oriented Programming, Algorithms and Data Structures, SQL and Relational Databases, Web Development and MVC, Developing Mobile Apps, UX Design, Data Analysis and Testing Software.  On completion the learner will also have a graded individual and group project as well as an assessed e-portfolio of work.

The course has a number of advantages:

  • Online Delivery to ensure that the course can be delivered to anyone and anywhere.
  • Flexible interactive materials ensure that the learner can work through materials at their own pace.
  • High value HN qualifications combined with work based learning and appropriate vendor qualifications.
  • Support given for individual apprentices with clear personal learning plans.
  • Students finish the apprenticeship with an internationally recognized HND qualification.
  • The creation of a flexible curriculum in collaboration with industry needs.
  • High quality staff to teach and support the apprentices.
  • Clear communication channels developed with potential employers to aide learner progress.

Interactive course has been designed to prepare learners with the necessary data skills to work within the tech industry. Covering the flow of data through key technologies, tools and methodologies: Java and Python programming, JavaScript frameworks, object oriented lifecycle, SQL and relational databases. Learners will develop essential technical and business skills demonstrated by an e-portfolio of work. Learners also gain SQA accreditation (Level 7) in Java Programming, User Centred Design and Testing Software. Each learner will be fully supported online with interactive classes and online collaboration tools. Additional Industry insights on specific topics; Cyber Security, Data Analytics and UX Design.

An interactive course lasts ten weeks and learners would be expected to work between 10 and 15 hours per week. The course will cover how data is used and presented through key technologies; spreadsheets, databases and other commonly used digital applications.  Learners will develop essential technical and business skills demonstrated by an E-portfolio of their work. They will also gain SQA accreditation (level 7) in advanced spreadsheets, databases and word processing software. Each learner will be fully supported online with interactive classes and online materials.