We develop work ready courses for schools to prepare students for the wide range of options they have in technology. Our courses embed SQA qualifications along with developing the skills and competencies sought by industry.

Aims: To understand fundamental principles of CRM software and the different benefits it can provide for a business.   

Course Content: Business requirements, elements of CRM, analytics, business reporting, customer care, HR management, marketing, workflow automation,  types of CRM, customer relationship, CRM resources. CRM implementation.

SQA Unit: Application Development (D76N 34) – Level 7, 2 Credits.

Assessment: Project based on given scenario.

Duration: 72 – 80 Hours

Course Content:

Overview of Python, environment, object oriented languages, identifiers, lines and indentation, syntax.  

Variables, standard data types, python numbers, strings, converting data types,  python operators,  if else, loops, lists, tuples, dictionaries, functions, parameter passing, modules, sorting with python, I/O, exceptions  

SQA Unit: Programming Foundations (H17X 34) – Level 7

Assessment: e-portfolio of python scripts

Duration: 35 – 40 Hours