Code Division - Accessibility


Access and Support

Inclusive learning practices that centre principles of accessibility and support are foundational to Code Division. We are continually striving to make our courses as accessible as we can and remove as many barriers to effective learning as we can anticipate.

image showing a computer with a refreshable braille display

Feedback Form

But, we understand that support and access needs can be individual so have created this form below for specific enquiries. Code Division is committed to providing support to our learners, and we are happy to have a confidential discussion with regards to any possible access requirements you may have.

The form below is a space for an initial contact, after which we will follow up so as to work with you to get the most out of the course and remove any barriers we couldn't anticipate.

By sharing your email address, you agree we can act on your comments and share our response with you. If you wish to remain anonymous, your comments will still be considered but nothing attached to your identity will be associated with them.

How can we help?

Access and support needs can be very specific to the individual, and we can’t predict everything. We welcome enquiries at an early stage from anyone considering studying with us so we can plan for any additional support that may be needed during your studies.

All discussions are confidential, and there is no condition specific assessment – rather we assess how we may be able to help based on your support needs. If you need any support to remove barriers, or any adjustments that may assist your learning please don’t hesitate to contact us. We work towards the fullest possible participation in our courses for all our learners.