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Learner Testimonials

Hear from our former learners about how Code Division has helped them jumpstart their career in tech, upskill, and build confidence.

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Where are our learners now?

Our learners come from various backgrounds, and their journeys differ. We love to hear and be inspired about the paths that they have taken since they graduated from Code Division.

Hear from our learners

"Participating in Code Division’s data science course gave me new insights into how data can be used to enhance understanding of complex issues."

Jay Kirkland

"I’ve recently been made Data Manager in my team with the aim of making use of more automated reporting and creating cool and informative visualisations with Python. I hope to continue my data learning journey by taking data management and AI courses."

Kelsey Pearson

"This course provided classroom like structure, peers to talk to, platform to ask for help, get feedback from experts. I was only booked for the Python course but Frank persuaded me to do both Python and Excel and I am so grateful for that."

Neha Jain

"I have landed a new job as Senior PMO in an international IT/Data company in Glasgow. This PDA has played a significant role in obtaining this position and I thank Code Division for that."

Ester Gimenez

"I love programming and always wanted to work in Information Technology. However, the biggest challenge is the gap of few years where I was away from Information technology job. After completing “PDA in Data Science” course, I feel that my dream can come true!”

Bageshri Hasabnis

“While finishing the course I had the honour of joining an organisation that combines my two passions, molecular biology and data manipulation (open science and open data). This course was my last piece of work leading me to it.”

Beatriz Lazaro>

"This course has provided the fundamental skills needed to analyse and visualise data. The course has essentially made me feel more empowered on a personal and professional level."

Jolene Russell

“I am currently working in web development, and I really enjoy learning new things every day. I plan to keep furthering my skills in tech, delve deeper into coding, and stay knowledge-hungry.”

Gabriele Janusonyte

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