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What Makes Us Different?

At Code Division we recognise the digital skills shortage in organisations throughout the UK. Our speciality is assisting companies to maximise their workforce through tailored training; challenge and overcome any potential skills gaps while promoting growth

Code Division are a non-profit social enterprise dedicated to combating digital inequality by providing high-quality digital skills programmes to underserved communities. Since 2020 we have delivered inclusive funded digital programs to over 380 learners targeting gender bias within the industry, we are pleased to say that 79% of all learners on our programmes have been women.

As an SME and Social Enterprise we understand the pressures your organisation feels. We also know the sought after digital skills needed to develop and grow your organisation.

Our primary aim is to upskill workforces and employees within digital roles. To ensure our learners gain the most in demand skills we use only the best industry experts.

We have extensive experience of designing and delivering online digital courses and utilising a variety of collaboration tools that we have refined over the last three years.

We are an SQA centre which means that many of the courses offered below could carry an SQA Qualification (Level 6 to Level 9) if desired.

We believe in a human centred approach to designing your courses. Collaborating with your organisation to ensure you participate in shaping both the design and delivery of the course.

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of your course



Upon contact we will arrange a consulation with one of our course experts.



This is where our experts listen to your needs and discuss the design and delivery of your training course.



Once you are satisfied with the proposal we will walk you through the course design to ensure it meets your requirements.



Upon approval we will create a requirement specification from your proposal document.



You are now ready to begin your training.

Build Your Course

Choose from topics below and design your own course

Our team of experts will work alongside you to tailor individual training that best suits the needs of your business.

Training courses can be delivered at a time most convenient to you.

Content Creation

Content creation strategy ensures your content supports your goals and improves your return on investment (ROI). It helps you identify what's working and refine as you go keeping everyone on the same page to ensure you publish quality content, consistently.

Using No Code Apps

Advances in no-code platforms (Glide) mean that you no longer have to write code or rely on developers to build apps for your business. You can turn spreadsheets into attractive, engaging apps and learn to create user interfaces, manipulate data and publish your app.

Social Media

Create an effective social media strategy to suit your organisation. Including social media tone, branding guidelines, strategy, social media channels, setting Smart Goals, content creation (reels/ TikTok/ posts/ stories), creating a content calendar and scheduling software.

AI and Marketing

AI has revolutionized marketing from social media and display ads to copywriting and image generation. Creating smarter marketing, enabling businesses to connect with consumers in the right way, with the right message, at the right time, on the right platform.

Website Development

Learn how to create a no coding website (Squarespace/Canva). Your company's website allows you to reach a wider audience, allows brand visibility and recognition, promotion of your services/products and provides customer insights by tracking user behaviour.

Data and SQL

SQL is the fast and efficient query tool to interrogate databases large and small. Faster and efficient query processing. SQL eliminates the need for large and complex code lines for data extraction is portable, and uses a standardised language.

Communicating with Data: Power BI

Helps shape better business decisions by visualising and communicating data. Easier to follow trends in the data for decisions in sales, social impact or marketing. Helps more business users interact with their data and provides the skills for data storytelling.

Intro to Python

Python has become one of the most popular programming languages in recent years. It's used in everything from data analysis to building websites, from cyber security to software testing. It can be used by developers and non-developers alike.

4 C's Training

Customised to meet the specific needs of individual organisations. This course combines a holistic, communicative and active learning approach that values kindness, compassion, integrity, inclusion, and diversity. Helping teams to develop skills in: Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity.

Data and Statistics

Statistical analysis can help businesses identify trends amongst consumers/clients to better meet their needs. Learn the methods to collect, organise, and interpret data to learn more about what you currently do and predict future characteristics or behaviours.

Adobe Creative Suite

Improve your digital creative skills with specialist, industry standard software from beginner through to certified professional level. Utilising the Adobe creative suite for photo editing, graphic design, motion graphics, video and audio editing - we've got you covered.

Working with Data: Excel

Enables organisations to organize data into meaningful categories and reduce inefficiencies and duplication of work processes. It can also be used to predict future trends, identify consumer behaviours and detect new business opportunities quickly.

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Funded courses

Our partners at the Data Lab are funding places on these courses.
For more information on eligibility contact us.


(SQA Level 8: 40 Hours)

Use Python to interrogate and display data for valuable business insights. The course covers: creating functions; libraries and code reuse; data types and structures; manipulating data; cleaning and wrangling data; statistical analysis and creating visualisations.


(SQA Level 7: 40 Hours)

Utilise the most up to date business tools and technologies (Advanced Excel, Power BI, Sharepoint, Glide and Power Apps). Learn data cleaning, transformation, visualisation, storytelling and how to utilise statistics to interpret the data through real world projects.

JUST TRANSITION: Communicating Data

(PDA Data Science Level 7: 80 Hours)

This course enables organisations to use a variety of tools to assess, measure and visualise data around a just transition to Net Zero. Measure social impact and contribution to the Wellbeing Economy. Capture & prepare data using storytelling, design thinking and more.


(SQA Level 7: 80 Hours)

Harness the power of data. Learn to capture customer information, track, assess and visualise data. Explore Shopify, Squarespace, and WordPress analytics and use your own data to create an effective social media strategy and clear content plan.

Previous Courses

Below are a few programs we have already successfully delivered:


(SQA Level 7: 120 Hours)

Ideal for SMEs and Social Enterprises on a limited budget. Learn to increase your AOV ‘Average order value’ and LCV ‘Lifetime customer value’. Upsell online, create bundles, offers & promotions for products and services. Use analytics, surveys and quizzes for optimising customer services.

DATA ACCELERATOR: Business Applications

(PDA Data Science Level 7: 180 Hours)

Use data to drive change. Utilise the most up to date business tools and technologies to learn data cleaning, transformation, visualisation and storytelling as well as using statistics to interpret the data. This course culminates in data project.


(PDA Data Science Level 8: 240 Hours)

Utilise business applications and programming tools (Excel, Power Bl and Python) to analyse data, create visualisations and apply to realworld projects. Course culminates in a real-world data science project. Topics include: modular coding; statistical analysis, data manipulation & more.


(SQA Level 8: 450 Hours)

Learn the essentials of web development. Learn hot to utilise JS Frameworks, build and deploy a full stack application. Learn Javascript, PHP, SQL and Java alongside HTML and CSS.

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There is no longer government funding for our skills programs. Our own funds are exhausted. We need your support to design and deliver future skills programs for disadvantaged groups and communities.


There is another way you can help fund our programs. We ensure our learners gain in demand digital skills and your organisation can benefit from this industry expertise. Proceeds from funded courses go straight back into accessible community courses.


We need organisations and individuals to join our agile project team. Sharing a common goal and with a willingness to be flexible and innovative. We aim to provide practical solutions and give disadvantaged communities the dignity of work.

Proven track record of designing and delivering collaborative skills programs and placing individuals into digital roles with a range of organisations.

To get the report on our previous Ukrainian Digital Empowerment Program Report, click the map.

Find out about funded training

There are different funding streams available for some of our courses dependent on your location within Scotland and for employees from a disadvantaged group; BAME, disability, women advancing in work or neurodiverse.

Flexible Workforce Development Fund

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Digital Skills Pipeline

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Individual Training Account

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The Data Lab

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