Code Division - Digital Marketing Essentials

Digital Marketing Essentials

Fully funded by the Digital Skills Pipeline administered by SDS
on behalf of the Scottish Government


To be Eligible you need to:

  • Be in a non-digital role
  • Not have graduated within the past year
  • Be over 25
  • Be a resident in Scotland and eligible to work in the UK
  • Attend online classes two mornings or evenings per week (8 week course)

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What you can expect from our Course

Course summary


Course content

The course will utilise technologies and practices aligned to contemporary industry and will be delivered fully online using an extensive suite of interactive resources and workshops.
Learners will have the opportunities to learn: Strategy, Branding & Audiences, Content Creation, Platforms, SEO and Analytics.


Real world project

You’ll discover how to plan, implement and evaluate a digital marketing plan using the latest methodologies.

The course will include a real world project with insights into creating a social media campaign for a Third Sector Organisation.

Course background

Digital marketing jobs were some of the fastest growing in the UK, according to data from LinkedIn, which shows a 52% rise in demand for such roles in 2020 alone.

"Effective use of digital technologies, including E-Commerce platforms, tailoring company websites to international markets and using digital marketing and social media, can enable businesses across all sectors to easily reach these markets and increase their export potential." Digital Economy Business Survey 2021 Scottish Government Aug 2021


  • Not a recent Graduate
  • Over 25
  • Resident in Scotland
  • Eligible to work in the UK

Available to anyone working fulltime or part-time in a non-digital role

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